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Dave Rutan

Fear dentist, come here. Hate dentist pain, come here. Pain and Dentistry DO NOT have to go hand in hand!

"I scale teeth, not gums" this line by itself nearly had me in tears...I've been getting my jaw, gums and teeth taken apart with clubs and swords for 25 gosh darn years, and it NEVER had to be that way...you mean to tell me...THATS what it should feel like at a dentist....slight discomfort....my gosh. I'm not talkin one or two different dentists....been to 5 or 6, with maybe 10 different hygienists. Every last one of em, just the most painful experiences. And its not like he spent hours scaling...just skill, and understanding that gums cause pain.

Honestly, I had a fear of dentists and the pain surrounding them...for...20 years. Come in here, get my teeth scaled (im not the best flosser etc.. not great teeth on my part) the hygienist finishes...and I couldn't help but think it was just the preamble, before the machetes' come out. NO, he just scaled my teeth, finished, with a little discomfort (I assume its supposed to be JUST discomfort, every other one I went to...straight pain, feels like your jaws been broken). If you are at a different dentist...and you feel like you've been punched in the mouth after a scaling...don't go there...why put yourself through that, when these guys are available.

Kids came here first, and they sold me, went in, blew my mind. Amazing people here. And I'm really pushing the Hygienist, but everyone is just the best. Dentist, reception, I've never been happier leaving an appt.

Ian C