Sometimes, people form habits that negatively impact the proper development of their mouths and jaws. Dentists can first begin noticing this even in infants. The muscles surrounding the mouth influence the development of the jaw and the alignment of teeth. 

Dr. Clara Kwak offers treatment of the underlying muscular conditions that lead to several oral health issues with MyoBrace®. These soft, plastic trays are an effective intervention that promotes optimal development of oral health. CK Dental provides comprehensive orthodontic services to patients of all ages in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

MyoBrace Encourages a Healthy Development Mouths 

MyoBrace provides an early intervention of muscle development in children so the jaw can optimally develop and teeth can align properly. Incorrect myofunctional habits include:

  • thumb sucking
  • tongue thrust
  • reverse breathing
  • mouth breathing

An early evaluation of muscle activity in young patients can prevent the need for orthodontic treatment later, and it can also intervene in the development of other serious health issues.

Improve Orthodontic Care with MyoBrace Treatment

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment did not consider the impact of myofunctional habits. By only focusing on the straightening of teeth without addressing the causes of crookedness, patients often experienced a relapse of misalignment after orthodontic care.

Furthermore, by addressing that habits that have created poor jaw development, patients often need not undergo tooth extractions, and the structure and profile of their faces are improved and enhanced.   

The MyoBrace, if worn by children, can sometimes eliminate the need for braces later when they are teenagers, and it can shorten the amount of time that braces are worn.  

Other Health Benefits of MyoBrace

The MyoBrace can also treat a condition called Sleep Disordered Breathing. By retraining the muscles in the mouth to remain in proper placement many behaviors can be improved such as:

  • snoring
  • interrupted sleep
  • gasping
  • obstructive sleep apnea

Performance at school and speech issues with pronunciation can also be effectively treated with the MyoBrace.

This brace is made of a comfortable, soft plastic tray that is customized to the particular needs of patient’s jaw development. It can keep the tongue in proper position and guard it against thrusting. Some also have a lip barrier to discourage overactive or reverse swallowing.  

Dr. Clara Kwak in Edmonton for Beautiful Smiles

CK Dental wants to make every effort at keeping smiles healthy and beautiful. Contact Dr. Clara Kwak if you or a loved one could benefit from the MyoBrace®.  Dr. Kwak provides outstanding care to people living in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 


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