Orthodontics in Edmonton at CK Dental 

At CK Dental, our general dentist, Dr. Clara Kwak, offers orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. While teenagers and children typically wear braces, many adults and seniors can benefit from repositioning treatment and improved bite alignment. If you have crooked or overlapping teeth and are looking for orthodontic options, we can help.

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Orthodontic Treatments for Kids, Teens, and Adults

MTM Clear Braces – Quick, Invisible Aligners

This brand of removable aligner trays is comparable to Invisalign® clear braces. Patients can achieve their new smiles in anywhere from six months to one year. The completely transparent aligners reposition teeth over the course of treatment, and patients exchange current trays for new ones until achieving their ideal smile. MTM, or minor tooth movement, is ideal for correcting small gaps, twisted teeth, and alignment relapses. Many of our adult patients find this method to be a convenient and easy way to meet their goals.

Traditional Braces for Dependable Results

While clear braces are ideal alternatives for some, bonded brackets with wires can be easier for others. Patients who find it challenging to care for and utilize removable aligners benefit from traditional metal braces – even some adults may find this more appealing. Because metal braces are fixed to individual teeth, they are the most dependable way to achieve predictable results. In cases of moderate alignment problems, these braces can provide the additional pressure needed to significantly reposition teeth.

Self-Ligating Orthodontics and Tooth-Colored Braces

If you choose standard braces, we can make your appliances more cosmetically appealing. Dr. Kwak’s Edmonton orthodontic services include self-ligating braces and tooth-colored brackets and wires. Self-ligating braces do not require the use of rubber bands and white braces look more natural, compared to silver orthodontics. 

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We welcome new patients for exams and introductory orthodontic screenings. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, we provide diagnostic imaging to develop your orthodontic treatment plan. Dr. Kwak can treat mild and moderate alignment issues with the orthodontics options available from our general dental office. However, if you are experiencing significant bite and teeth alignment problems, Dr. Kwak can provide a referral to an orthodontic specialist.

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