BOTOX® Injection Treatment in North Edmonton

Typically occurring while you sleep, bruxism happens when you clench your jaw and grind your teeth. This condition can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

For some, muscle spasms in the jaw can be a debilitating part of life, affecting the ability to eat and speak properly. However, there is a potential solution: facial muscle relaxation through BOTOX®. At our North Edmonton general dental practice, we offer BOTOX  both for therapeutic purposes and to address cosmetic concerns that reach beyond the smile.

BOTOX as a Therapeutic Option

Treating bruxism requires a multi-step approach that may include reducing stress, wearing a mouth guard, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Dr. Kwak only recommends more extensive procedures when they are absolutely necessary. Another nonsurgical option is BOTOX, which can relax the muscles and relieve your pain.

BOTOX is commonly known for its cosmetic properties, but it can often be used for medical purposes. It was originally discovered as a treatment for muscle spasms in the eyes. When injected outside the jaw, BOTOX can relax the muscles that are causing your pain.

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX disrupts the signals that tell your muscles to contract. When BOTOX is administered in controlled quantities, your muscles temporarily stop spasming. BOTOX is provided in a series of injections, and you should begin experiencing the effects in a few days. To maintain the benefits of BOTOX, you will need to return to Dr. Kwak’s office every three to six months for re-treatment.

The more frequently you receive BOTOX treatment for muscle spasms, the better your muscles will respond to the injections. You should need less of the injection over the course of therapy. Although BOTOX will not permanently correct the issue, you may see a significant improvement that could enhance your quality of life. 

BOTOX for Cosmetic Purposes

Although used for therapeutic benefits, TMD treatments with BOTOX will still provide the cosmetic advantages that made this product famous. Designed for the reduction of fine lines on the forehead and crow’s feet, BOTOX can fade your aging signs and potentially take years off your appearance. The injection temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the face, resulting in fewer contractions that reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Whether seeking help with TMD or just looking to appear younger, you can receive BOTOX treatments from Dr. Kwak.

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