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At CK Dental, we provide the care you need to enjoy a full, healthy, and beautiful smile. Don’t let missing teeth make you feel less confident or compromise your oral health; dental implants provide a complete tooth replacement option that allows your smile to function with renewed strength while appearing as natural as possible.

If you’re looking for dental implants in Edmonton, contact our general dentist, Dr. Clara Kwak, for more information about how she can help.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Treatment Consultations

Dr. Kwak welcomes patients into her office to discuss the implant treatment process and what makes this service different from dentures and bridges. While implants are often our first recommendation due to their longevity, we make sure patients are provided with every option and can make the choice that suits their needs. During this appointment, our team also takes necessary X-rays, intra-oral photos, and explains the treatment timeframe, as well as financial considerations. 

We work with local dental specialists for complete implant treatment plans. Our affiliated periodontist surgically places implant posts at the site of missing teeth.  Our goal is complete collaboration with all professionals helping to restore your smile, so you can receive the most benefits from care.

While many patients do not understand what it takes to properly place and restore an implant, we provide as much information as possible to support patient education and confidence.

Aesthetic Teeth Replacement with Implant Crowns

Making sure your smile looks beautiful and natural is important during the teeth replacement process; no dental patient wants a new tooth that appears fake or hampers their ability to bite and chew. Aesthetics are of importance in the front of the smile, as well. Your new implant crowns should be precisely shaped and shaded to match the appearance of the surrounding natural teeth.  

Dr. Kwak utilizes zirconia to provide patients with prosthetics that mimic the luminosity and biting power of natural dental enamel. Unlike full porcelain crowns, zirconia prosthetics are less likely to chip, so you can enjoy your new smile for years.  If you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident, trauma, or extensive decay, single tooth implants provide a dependable solution.

Ask us about Dental Implants in Edmonton!

CK Dental provides comprehensive tooth replacement for patients wanting to transform their smiles. Dental implants improve the health of your smile by nurturing bone health and preventing teeth from shifting out of alignment, which is why they are often Dr. Kwak’s first recommendation. If you’re interested in permanent smile restoration, contact CK Dental for implant restorations services and treatment planning.


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